Confirmation of your registration

Once we have received the enrollment form, we will send you the confirmation and the total invoice of the chosen program together with the payment link to proceed with the payment of 155€ as a deposit (non-refundable). Approximately 7 days before the start of the course, Cervantes E.I. will send you an email with detailed information (accommodation address, transfer details, emergency phone numbers, schedule, how to get from the airport, etc.). A bigger deposit is paid in the Spanish + Internship program (non-refundable amount): 155€ for the course and 145€ for the Internship.

Payment method

Bear in mind payments are only accepted in € (EUROS) and must be received by Cervantes E.I. before the start of the course.

Enrolment cancellations

All cancellations should be notified in writing, within 10 days in advance of the start of the course. CERVANTES E.I. will return the amount paid in advance, except for the deposit of 155€ (300€ for the Spanish + Internship program). If for any reasons you cannot continue the course once started, your money will not be refunded.

For cancellations made less than 10 days before the start date, due to Acts of God or other justified reason, Cervantes EI will issue a credit for the amount paid to enjoy for one year from the start date of the initially reserved course.

If a private or shared apartment is booked, it is possible that a refund may not be able to be issued for renting with external providers.

The health insurance can not be cancelled once it has been contracted.

Students who require any type of invitation letter to obtain a student visa for their course and subsequently have to cancel due to denial of the visa, must send an original official certified document directly from the Embassy and the amount paid will be refunded minus €185 for processing fees and bank charges. If Cervantes E.I. does not receive this document, 100% of the program cost will be charged.

Number of minutes per lesson

50 minutes per lesson.

For example if you book the "Intensive 20" course you will receive 20 lessons per week, 4 lessons per day (Mon-Fri). That would be 20 x 50 = 1000 minutes per week.

Number of students per class

Maximum 10, average: 6. Teacher training: Max. 12. Junior Programme: Max. 15. Groups: To agree.

If there are only 2 students in the same level of general courses, the 20 lessons per week will be adjusted to 15 semiprivate lessons or adjusted into 10 private lessons if there is only 1 student. Culture lessons will be adjusted by 50% to private or semiprivate when there are 1 or 2 students in a class.

Special courses as Legal Spanish, Tourism, Hispanic Studies, DELE Preparation, University Preparation and Teacher Training with only 1 student per group will have class time adjusted by 25% to private lessons.

In the Junior Programme, if there are less than 3 students in the same level, students will attend the general courses while maintaining the activities of their special programme as long as the total number of students in the whole programme is minimum 3.

The school reserves the right to inform the student about the reduction in class duration at any time during the course. Students will not receive financial compensation for the reduction in class time.


The class schedules can be in shift in the morning or afternoon depending exclusively on academic reasons and the type of course. The hours of the Intensive course are from 09:00 to 12:40 or from 14:30 to 18:10. Complementary classes take place before or after. Under no circumstances can be choose the schedule.


Before arriving at school, all students, except total beginners, will have taken an online written test. The oral test is carried out by telephone before arrival or on the first day of the course at 8 in the morning. Our levels are defined according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) prepared by the Department of Language Policy of the Council of Europe, specifically the Curriculum Plan of the Instituto Cervantes.


Report with the grade obtained and certificate of attendance at the end of the course. To receive the certificate the student must have attended at least 80% of the classes.

Minimum Age

General course: 14 years, Junior programme: 13 years, Spanish + Internship: 17 years, Family Course: All ages. The minor student needs to be authorized by his/her parents or legal guardians. Students under 18 years old can only stay with a Spanish family.

Delays or no assistance

If you are going to be late for class, you must let us know in advance. If you are late, you will not be able to recover lost hours. The time limit to enter class is 10 minutes after its start.

Transfer service

On booking a transfer service, the student should inform regarding the time of arrival and flight number and any changes to these that may occur. If the student provides incorrect information or does not inform regarding any changes, the student will lose the service without a right of refund.

Exceptional circumstances

Holidays in Spain

There are no lessons on bank or public holidays and classes lost on those dates cannot be made up at other times. If there are 2 bank holidays in the same week, the school will give classes on one of these days. Classes missed due to public holidays will not be recovered. For bookings of 1 or 2 weeks in which a public holiday falls, a 50% discount in the enrollment fee will be offered (except for private classes which will be recovered during that week). You need to take into account that if there is a bank holiday on Sunday, the celebration of this holiday will move to Monday. However the lost hours of the private classes can always be made up.

Holidays 2024

6 January, 28 February, 28 March, 29 March, 1 May, 15 August, 19 August, 9 September, 12 October, 1 November, 6 December, 9 December, 25 December.

Christmas holidays 2024

From the 23th of December 2024 till the 3th of January 2025 (both included).

Special rules for the students living in apartments


Once a week, the cleaner comes to clean the apartment. The students should cooperate with him/her, so the work can be more effective, efficient and useful.

The students should:

  • - Wash diary their plates and cutlery;
  • - Throw the garbage in the container everyday. It’s important for hygiene, that the garbage is always placed in a bin.
  • - They have to keep their rooms and common areas tidy, so the cleaner could clean better.
  • - Maintain the cleanliness in the rooms and the common areas.
  • - Change their bedsheets each week. The cleaner will bring them new bed linen every week.

The cleaner won’t do the dishes, neither throws away the garbage. He/she won’t wash any personal clothes, towels, etc. We suggest that the people who share the apartment with each other, talk about this subject and that they get an agreement for the maintenance of cleanliness together.

We recommend you to make an agreement between all the flat mates and buy toilet paper, detergents powders, etc.

If you are going to receive mail or a package, please do not send it to the apartment. Send it to the school’s address.

Please, assure do not leave the apartment without making a review: switch off any electrical or gas appliance, the lights, air conditioner and always close the door with the key.

Cervantes E.I. is no responsible for any damage, theft or any other problem occurring. If occur any damage in the apartment it must be paid or arranged by the responsible and must be communicated to the school also.

Strictly Forbidden
  • 1. To change the room, use other room or sleep in the same that other student without asking the school office for admission.
  • 2. To change the furniture or decoration of the rooms or common rooms without school admission.
  • 3. To invite external persons over who do not attend Cervantes International School.
  • 4.To smoke, get drunk or take any kind of drugs in the common areas of the house or in your room.
  • 5. Making parties or any other noisy activity. This may result in eviction from the property within 48 hours and loss of the right to a refund of the paid amount.
  • 6. Making noise after 23:00 pm.

In case of losing the apartment keys, the student will have to pay 40€ in order to obtain a new set of keys.

Cervantes EI reserves the right to throw out the student ofthe accommodation if he or she fails to comply with any of these conditions, without the right to reimbursement for the student.