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Interactive Method "You will speak Spanish from the first day"

Cervantes spanish lessons

Our wide professional experience has enabled us to develop a teaching system that combines the communication process with structured grammar that is integrated in the communication itself. In our courses we have integrated: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral and written expression; and the three objectives: linguistic, communicative and sociocultural.

This method is organised throughout the six levels (Europe common framework of Reference for Languages), to allow you to learn and perfect all the skills of the language according to your requirements, in a form both practical and enjoyable. Through different types of activities you will acquire and perfect the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing Spanish fluently.

To learn a language means to live it and to do this one must immerse oneself in the culture. We offer our students the opportunity to learn about various aspects of our culture: customs, civilization, history, art & literature.

Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

On the first day you will receive a text book that covers grammar, exercises, vocabulary, composition and conversation material. Our experienced teachers augment this with our own teaching materials, special publications, information from the internet and audio-visual material in order to give you a complete immersion in all aspects of the language.

During our thirty years of experience, we have maintained a Department of Material Creation that is responsible for the continued development of activities, materials and games, so that students can enjoy pleasant and interactive classes. All our material is in digital book format and is worked from via modern Interactive Whiteboards (IWB). You will have access to a library with more than 400 books by Spanish and Latin American authors. Many of them are sorted according to levels of difficulty of Spanish, and the teachers will help you choose the books most suited to your requirements.

Qualified and Enthusiastic teachers

Studying Spanish at Cervantes

Our team of teachers has been carefully selected, according to their academic qualifications, experience and professionalism. All our teachers have graduated from the best universities and they regularly participate in practical courses on the art of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and the latest teaching methods.

They have not only been chosen for their qualifications and experience, but also for their ability to work enthusiastically with students. Your teachers will help you establish some clear learning objectives and will encourage you to participate in Spanish from the very first day. Your classes will be stimulating.

The head of Studies and his team will assess and carefully guide your progress.

Certificates and Reports

Spanish courses in Malaga

At the end of the course Cervantes International will present you with:

  • An Attendance Certificate, specifying the type of course you have taken, the level and the number of hours attended.
  • A school report: regularly we will make a test to evaluate the progress of each student. The tutor will explain how your learning is progressing, revising and consolidating the necessary points. At the end of the course our students receive a progress report with the grades obtained in each language skill area.

Your tutor will give you regular reports, so that you can check your progress.


Our levels are adapted to The European General Intensive of the reference to languages elaborated by the Linguistics Politics Department of European Counsel, specifically on Curricular Plan of Cervantes Institute. See levels according to MCER

If you want to test your level, please take our free online placement test.


Courses of 20 lessons: Morning shift from 9:00-12:40 (4 lessons) and afternoon shift from 14:30-18:00 (4 lessons) from Monday to Friday.

Complementary classes (combined courses): 12:45-14:25 (2 lessons).

The schedules will be confirmed on the first day of class and may vary according to need by the organization.