Cervantes Escuela Internacional, with 35 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, features high quality and interactive educational material.

This, together with the effectiveness of their teaching methods and socio-cultural program, ensures an excellent cultural and language immersion program. Furthermore, we offer our students a personalized service in a pleasant atmosphere that will make your stay unforgettable.

At Cervantes EI, our watchwords are Partnership, Quality and Innovation

Cervantes E.I. is an accredited centre by the Cervantes Institute and founding member of the organizations of reference in the field of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Our Vision

We have ICT classrooms equipped with personal computers, projectors, digital books, digital interactive whiteboards (PDI) and wi-fi. Our teachers are constantly upgrading their training with different courses, in order to offer the latest advances in new technologies applied to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
Visualizing helps to establish relationships between different ideas and concepts. In our classes, we use visual material to increase motivation and interest and to facilitate more effective learning.
Our school believes in creating teaching materials suitable for the interests of different groups. We work with our own audiovisual and digital materials in all our classes.

Our cultural & playful components

Learning a language goes beyond learning grammar and vocabulary; it’s also about knowing its speakers, its history, literature, idiosyncrasies, etc. In all our classes, the cultural component is included through different activities, games and presentations. Our teachers don’t just teach grammar, they also work with culture; an essential aspect, if one considers the richness and diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

From a pedagogical point of view, playing is learning. In our courses, the playful component together with pedagogical methodology helps us to create a good environment and facilitate the learning process.

Our Integration of skills

In a real communication situation, knowledge of a language is enabled through various channels. For this reason, and because we are paying attention to different styles of learning in class, the student has the opportunity to speak, hear, read and write in our courses about various topics from different areas and a variety of situations.