Salsa Classes

Every week we offer a dynamic, lively and imaginative program of extracurricular activities, which are the perfect complement to your Spanish studies. They will help you to learn new vocabulary and practise what you already know thanks to our highly qualified team of activities and excursions leaders who will answer any query you may have.

At Cervantes EI we want you to take part in the activities we offer, so we are always open to your suggestions for new activities and excursions.

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Activities organized by Cervantes International School

From beach volleyball to tapas tours in the centre of Malaga, at Cervantes we carefully plan each day of the week so that you enjoy every moment of your stay in Malaga.

Examples of Activities
Malaga tour
  • Malaga tour
    Cultural visit of the town centre during which we will discover the different civilizations that have passed through Malaga and visit the most important monuments in the city. This activity enables students to get their bearings around the city, find out how to get around, and the opening hours of shops, banks, etc.
  • Chocolate con churros
    Chocolate con churros
    Typical Spanish snack in one of the most emblematic cafés in Malaga. Hot chocolate is delicious on its own, but add to it the magnificent churros and it becomes a delicacy.
  • FILM CLUB: Pedro Almodovar
    FILM CLUB: Pedro Almodovar
    Welcome to our own movie house, with popcorn and soda, where we spend a wonderful evening watching a Spanish movie with Spanish subtitles, by this famous director from the Mancha who has won many prestigious awards such as the Oscars. The film will be followed by a discussion.
  • FILM CLUB: Alejandro Amenabar
    FILM CLUB: Alejandro Amenabar
    Welcome to our own movie house, with popcorn and soda, where we spend a wonderful evening watching a Spanish movie with Spanish subtitles, by this great Spanish film director, honoured at the Oscars Ceremony in Hollywood. The film will be followed by a discussion.
  • Alcazaba Visit
    Alcazaba Visit
    People in Malaga call it “the little Alhambra” because of the great similarity of its small yards with the courtyards of the Alhambra. Guided tour through the interior of the castle with explanations of the most scenic locations, and photos of typical costumes from the Arab culture.
  • Cathedral Visit
    Cathedral Visit
    Visit one of Andalucía's most valuable Renaissance jewels in Malaga. Discover, with the expertise of a guide, the details and history of this unique cathedral that is missing a tower. Known in Malaga as "La Manquita" (One-Armed Lady), this Cathedral will surprise you with both its history and its construction.
  • Spanish Cuisine Workshop: Black Rice
    Spanish Cuisine Workshop: Black Rice
    Learn to cook and enjoy one of South Andalusia's most peculiar rice dishes. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary and chat with our chef who is an expert in Paellas. At the end of this workshop all participants can relax sipping on Sangria while enjoying this unique rice dish.
  • Tapas Tasting
    Tapas Tasting
    A different kind of day and one to enjoy in the company of other students in the school. Enjoy this guided visit to Spanish and Andalusian Gastronomy, where you will try the typical Spanish Tapas to suit everyone's tastes; vegetables, meat and fish with drinks included.
  • Film Workshop
    Film Workshop
    Take a tour though Spanish Film and its history alongside our expert guide. Using a series of snippets of Spanish Movies our guide will show you how film has influenced much of Spanish history. A unique workshop in which you will also work in groups and participate in activities to widen your vocabulary. Have fun while you learn!
  • Bowling
    Entertainment...Play...Sport... all in one, and most importantly we have fun together. Visit one of the important commercial centers in Malaga and enjoy bowling with your classmates. An activity designed for all to enjoy.
  • Spanish Cuisine Workshop: Paella
    Spanish Cuisine Workshop: Paella
    Enjoy Spanish Gastronomy while cooking one of our most famous dishes. Together with our instructor and expert cook you will learn not only this recipe, but also the best preparation tricks. With the best part last, you will be able to enjoy the Paella together with our traditional refreshing sangria. A highly recommendable experience.
  • Boat Ride
    Boat Ride
    Do you want to get to know all sides of Malaga? We offer a different type of activity that will show you Malaga and its bay from another perspective. Music, sun and the sea breeze make the perfect combination to practice your Spanish with your classmates as well as enjoy a boat trip and at the end of the tour, for the more adventurous, a dip in our crystal clear waters.
  • Trivial pursuit
    Trivial pursuit
    Play in teams with your classmates. Answer questions on literature, vocabulary, sport and other topics and win to receive a surprise gift. Discover a large amount of vocabulary that you will be able to learn playing the Spanish version of this game while being assisted by our instructor.
  • Literature Workshop
    Literature Workshop
    Literature Workshop on the Generation of '27. A workshop designed to discover the authors of this generation: Lorca, Machado, etc ... Authors that were able to do their best narrative works during a difficult period in Spanish History with political instability. Novels and poems that will not leave you indifferent and where you will discover the most beautiful words.
  • "Becquer" Literature Workshop
    Literature workshop on the author Becquer and Spanish Romanticism. A workshop designed to discover this author and his life story, under the guidance of our teacher.
  • Ham tasting at el Pimpi
    Ham tasting at el Pimpi
    Discover Malaga´s most famous wine cellar, which has seen the most famous artists in Spanish history pass through its doors. In this activity you will taste three types of Iberian ham (cebo, recebo y bellota) and four types of wine (white, fino, trajinero and chorrera). But that is not all, enter in the most fascinating corners of this wine cellar where you will discover a traditional Andalusian patio and fantastic balcony.
  • Welcome Party
    Welcome Party
    This free activity is held in the school during the summer time. Enjoy an authentic Flamenco Show in our patio as well as tasting a variety of the most typical Spanish foods: tortilla, ham and cheese. You will also be able to try our sangria and chat with our teachers in a fun party in which you will also get to meet your new classmates.
  • Beach Games
    Beach Games
    Situated just a few meters from the beach, our school is perfectly located for this activity. Accompanied by an instructor, play beach football, table-tennis or beach volley. And of course, as long as it´s sunny, take a dip in the sea.
  • Gyncana
    Beach competition to have fun while practicing your vocabulary. Participate in this competition discovering each clue prepared by our instructor. Become a detective and find the prize. A contest designed to improve your vocabulary and get to know your classmates.
  • Visit to the Cueva del Tesoro
    Visit to the Cueva del Tesoro
    Visit one of the only three caves in the world with marine origins and discover how the sea has sculpted marvelous shapes in its walls which will make your imagination soar. A unique experience in which the sea and the waves will accompany you during the tour. Enter into the fascinating world of del Tesoro (the treasure) and discover why this famous cave gets its name.

Organized Museum Visits

Weekend Trips

Plaza de España en Sevilla

During the weekend day trips, we will visit Andalucian cities of great cultural importance, such as Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Ronda and also places like the British colony of Gibraltar, the snowy peaks of "Sierra Nevada" and the exotic country of Morocco. All these excursions are possible, in part, thanks to Malaga’s central geographical location in Andalusia, and its excellent communications.

Some weekends trips are also organized to the prehistoric caves of Nerja and the picturesque towns around Malaga like Nerja, Frigiliana, Competa, Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Antequera or Benalmádena.

Description of the Excursions
    The Alhambra (“Red Castle "): fortified city palace built by the Arab kings from the eleventh to the fourteenth century. It is the most visited monument in Spain (more than 2 million people per year)...
    La Giralda (1184-1198): The minaret of the old mosque. Between 1558 and 1568, the Christians added the bell tower to the minaret, which reaches 95 meters in height. The Giraldillo, which crowns the tower, represents the victorious faith...
    Mosque - Cathedral: It is built on a former Visigoth Christian church. Roman and Visigothic materials were used for its construction. It covers an area of about 22,000 m2. It is the only major mosque preserved in Spain. Its interior contains 856 columns...
    CULTURAL VISIT TO Antequera and El Torcal
    Torcal Natural Park: It was granted natural park status on 18 July 1989, thus giving this area of outstanding natural beauty special protection for its flora, fauna and landscapes, etc...
  • EXCURSION TO Marbella and Puerto Banus
    Marbella: World famous city for tourism, it combines natural and traditional attractions - the sun, the beach, an exceptional climate and golf courses -, with a great historical legacy that remains alive in the heart of the city...
  • EXCURSION TO Nerja and Frigiliana
    Nerja caves: discovered by chance in 1959, they rank amongst the most
    beautiful caves in Europe. Each year, millions of visitors travel through the halls and galleries adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations. Among these, note the impressive central column in the Cataclysm room, which stands 32 meters high...
    The bullring in Ronda. It opened in 1785. It was originally the headquarters of the Royal Cavalry, an order for the military education of the nobility. It can accommodate over 5000 people. Every September, the famous "Corrida Goyesca" is celebrated in memory of the legendary Pedro Romero. The bullfighter, born in Ronda, killed more than 600 bulls during his bullfighting career and he was one of the founders of modern bullfighting. Nowadays, the matadors
    who take part in the Corrida Goyesca dress up in nineteenth century costumes...
  • CULTURAL VISIT TO the village of Mijas
    The great variety of shops makes Mijas the ideal place to buy all kinds of souvenirs and memorabilia from the Costa del Sol...

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