How long does it take to learn Spanish?

Enrich your life with Spanish.

How long does it take to learn Spanish? Most people embarking on the challenge of learning to speak Spanish have probably thought about this question. However, is there really an answer? With so many variables it would be unwise to even consider a concrete answer. Learning Spanish should be approached with perseverance. Although I can’t answer how long it takes to learn Spanish, I can say that it doesn’t take two months! What does it mean when someone says they speak a second language? If a person has a vocabulary of 200 words and more or less knows the past and present tense, do they speak Spanish?

First you should understand why you want to learn Spanish and then make a commitment to daily improvement. Work on this challenge by trying to do something every day. Don’t overanalyze, if you don’t know what to do, do what you know. The best way to learn a language is to use the language.

Learning a language is like learning to play a musical instrument. Both skills require relentless repetition to achieve production by means of the subconscious mind. Carlos Santana, a great Mexican guitarist, once said that if you are thinking about what you are doing, you are not making music. Students often feel that they speak Spanish better once relaxed after having a few drinks. This is most likely due to the reduction of inhibitions, less over-thinking and increased influence of the subconscious mind.

The journey of learning Spanish has no finish line, but endless rewards. Strive toward native-like proficiency and appreciate your improvements daily. It is what you know that matters, not what you don’t know. Think of yourself as building your own Spanish language house with grammar as the blueprint and words as the bricks. Make it a beautiful large mansion that you can use to communicate your thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams.

It´s a big challenge, but with persistence, patience and commitment you will enrich your life with the ability to communicate in Spanish.

Enrich your life with Spanish

If you are in a hurry or wish to learn Spanish as fast as possible then the secret to success is to do an immersion in a Spanish speaking country while taking a Residential Intensive Spanish course. In Cervantes EI (Located in Malaga, Spain) we offer Intensive and Super Intensive courses for all levels that start every Monday. Additionally, we can offer you accommodation with one of our Host Families, with our Course + Accommodation package that constitutes the ideal formula to learn Spanish at maximum speed and quality. In this way, even with short stays such as 2 weeks, you will achieve large improvements that will surprise yourself and also your family and friends.

If you aren´t able to travel to Spain you can make the most of new technologies and take a Spanish Course Online. We have packages that adapt to your needs and you choose the times and the number of classes that you wish to have each month.

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