Delivering Spanish courses using the latest technologies

Delivering Spanish courses using the latest technologies

Cervantes E.I introduced the use of digital interactive boards in the school some years ago. Looking back over our almost 30 year history, we can see many changes, from tape to CD, from CD, to DVD and now, from blackboard to digital board. We believe that our students deserve only the best and therefore we introduced this new digital tool that helps us stay in touch with the latest materials and developments and to make our lessons more fun and interactive.

These digital interactive boards allow us to integrate multimedia content into our lessons very easily, and to use real life material from the internet, articles, audio files, video files, presentations, etc. This not only helps students connect their newly acquired knowledge with real life examples, but also allows them to acquire new concepts more easily with the support of different types of learning stimulus.

Spanish Courses in Malaga

The classrooms at our school are equipped with these interactive boards, and all of our students enjoy the benefits of this latest technology during at least some of their lessons. Every day we can see how these tools make for even more enjoyable and interesting lessons and it helps students participate more actively during class and make the most out of their course.

Cervantes E.I. knows the importance of always keeping in touch with new developments and the latest technology and is committed to staying at the forefront of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. We invite you all to join our spanish courses and enjoy our new interactive classrooms and experience this new way of learning that will help you learn better and more!

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