DELE: The only officially accredited qualification

DELE: The only officially accredited qualification

The Spanish as a Foreign Language Diplomas (DELE) are the only internationally administered and officially accredited qualifications issued by the Ministry for Education of Spain. These Diplomas are internationally recognized by public and private education systems, chambers of commerce and private companies. It is important to realize that currently their use is mainly for educational and professional purposes.

To increase their recognition worldwide, the Instituto Cervantes undertakes further actions through Bilateral Commissions for Scientific, Technical, Cultural and Educational Co-operation with various International Co-operation Agreements. These take place every two or three years, subject to the needs and the development of approved projects and programs. Meetings are held alternatively in each of the signatory countries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain represents the interests of the Instituto Cervantes.

DELE certification has been adopted in some countries by educational authorities and public-sector teaching institutions as a supplement to their own programs.

In many institutions the DELE certification is complementary to other official educational program in foreign languages. These diplomas are also a useful tool for facilitating personal promotion in academic and professional situations. Within the labor market they are ideal for gaining promotion and also for accessing educational institutions in Spain and in over 100 countries where the tests are held.




The DELE Intermediate level Diploma is required to apply for scholarships in Spanish speaking countries.


The DELE Diplomas are recognized by the University of Sofia. Other national universities also accept these certifications as accreditation of knowledge of Spanish.


Student participation in the exams is subsidized by the Education authorities of Bretagne throughout their network of secondary schools and colleges.


The DELE Diplomas are recognized by Greek educational and administrative authorities as proof of academic and professional merit, including for the purposes of accessing public service jobs.


The DELE Diplomas are recognized by ITK (Centre for Foreign Languages in Budapest).


The Irish Ministry for Education recognizes the DELE Diplomas in Spanish by virtue of the agreements subscribed by the Spanish-Irish Joint Commission for cultural cooperation.


Secondary education students have access to subsidies for access to DELE examinations (Beginner level) y virtue of the agreements subscribed between the Spanish and Italian Education Ministries in 2000. Similarly, the Campus One Project recognizes the equivalence of the DELE Diplomas in the register of credits for certain university studies.


The DELE certifications are recognized by the French School in Manila, the National Development Authority (NEDA) and by Philippine universities, especially for applying for postgraduate study grants in Spain.

South Korea

The DELE Diplomas are recognized by the South Korean Ministry for Education by virtue of the agreements subscribed by the Spanish-South Korean Joint Commission for cultural cooperation, which meets every two years.

United Kingdom

The DELE Diploma Beginner level and Intermediate level are included in the list of qualifications approved by the British Secretary for Education for professional training.

Worldwide, universities, colleges and schools appreciate the value of the DELE Diplomas for academic purposes. This includes equivalence credits, validation of studies and/or exemptions from courses or specific study programs.

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