25 tips for Spanish language learning

Advantages to studying spanish abroad.

Did you know that studying Spanish in Spain will be an experience that will change your life? Here we share with you some of the advantages of undertaking this experience:

  • Learn about the Spanish culture. Living in Spain for awhile will teach you way more about Spanish culture than you can learn in any book.
  • Master Spanish. When you suddenly find yourself immersed in a world where everyone speaks Spanish, you may feel overwhelmed and scared. But before you know it you'll be fluent, and chatting with the locals.
  • A crash course in independence. When you study abroad, you're on your own. There's no going home to Mom and Dad when you're lonely or need to do your laundry. Scary as this may be, the experience of having to rely on yourself will serve you well in any future endeavor.
  • Meet amazing people. Tired of seeing the same people all the time? Studying in Spain gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new friends. You´ll also build interpersonal skills, as you'll be in a situation where you need to befriend and interact with strangers who are quite different than you.
  • An amazing opportunity to travel. If you study in Malaga, you'll probably have the opportunity to visit neighboring cities as Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, etc.
  • An amazing opportunity to travel

  • New course opportunities. Your new spanish language school most likely has courses that your old school does not and these courses will also offer a different cultural perspective on subjects you've been studying back home.
  • Excellent for your résumé. Employers and graduate school committees value international study experience. Studying abroad helps students become more mature, resilient, and interpersonally adept, and all of these qualities are priceless in the workplace.
  • Technology has made communication back home easier. Sure, you'll be homesick. But with email, WhatsApp, Facebook and cheap international cell phone minutes, the transition when studying abroad in Spain has become easier than it used to be.
  • Learn about yourself and your own culture. When you stand outside of your culture for a change, you get new perspectives on it and your place in it. You become a fish out of water with the unique opportunity to look back into your tank.

  • For your next vacation consider travelling to Malaga to study Spanish at Cervantes EI Spanish school and stay with a Spanish family. This cultural immersion will greatly improve your level of Spanish no matter how long you stay, even with just 1 week.

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