Spanish for the Legal Profession Course

Spanish for Lawyers in Malaga

This course responds to the demands for specific language training in the professional field, and it is part of the training offer categorised as Spanish for Specific Purposes (SSP).

The course will enable participants to understand legal texts and arguments, to draw up documents and to correctly express themselves using legal vocabulary. In addition, they will get to know the Spanish Legal System and the institutions it is made up of. Taking this into account, the course will be of special interest and value for non Spanish speaking Law professionals who are carrying out or who want to carry out their professional activity in Spain or whose clients require a deep knowledge of the Spanish lexicon, grammatical constructions and legal system.

This course is coordinated and taught by lawyers from the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Málaga (Malaga’s Bar Association) with ample experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

The Spanish for the Legal Profession Course offers to the participating students the opportunity to attend external training sessions and visits (not mandatory) in institutions and organizations related to the course content.

The students enrolled for this course, which are interested in participating to the above mentioned sessions and visits, should express their interest in attending them at the same moment of their enrollment, through an e-mail addressed to the Administration Department of Cervantes Escuela Internacional (

The attendance to these training sessions and visits will entitle the students to obtain a certificate in which there will be detailed the title of each of the sessions, and also, the number of these sessions will be included in the total duration of the course.

The non attendance to these training sessions and visits will represent no obligation for Cervantes Escuela Internacional to reduce the price of the course or to replace the number of these training sessions with other courses offered by Cervantes Escuela Internacional.

Practical information:
  • Levels: B2, C1 and C2
  • Maximum number of students per class of Spanish for the Legal Profession: 6
  • Course programme for 1 week (Monday to Friday):
    15:45h-19:00h: 20 training sessions on Spanish for the Legal Profession
    Mornings: 5 practical sessions (activities and visits related to the course)
    Total lessons of 45 minutes: 25
  • Course programme for 2 weeks (Monday to Friday):
    15:45h-19:00h: 40 training sessions on Spanish for the Legal Profession
    Mornings: 10 practical sessions (activities and visits related to the course)
    Total lessons of 45 minutes: 50

NB. The course will be suspended two months prior to its starting date if there is no minimum number of three students.

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This course is directed to Law professionals in general and, more specifically to lawyers, civil servants and translators, as well as Law students in their final years.


According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, this course is aimed at students with levels B2, C1 and C2.


The main objective of the course is to enable students to:

But, in addition to the purely linguistic knowledge the Spanish for the Legal Profession Course aims to introduce students to other aspects equally or even more important:


Module I

Module II

Module III

Module IV

Module V


Cervantes Escuela Internacional’s Director.


José María Alonso Martín, Lawyer and Coordinator of Cervantes E.I.’s Spanish for the Legal Profession Course.


A practical-theoretical methodology is followed. Each one of the modules is composed of the following elements:

Using the listenings or videos, the theory presentations and the readings, participants will carry out different activities such as working on a case study, drawing up different types of documents and legal texts, preparing oral presentations, etc.


Attendance is obligatory and non justified absences cannot exceed 15% of the total duration of the course under any circumstances.

Only those participants who have fulfilled this attendance requirement will receive the certificate issued by Cervantes E.I.


1 week 2 weeks
625 € 1250 €


Note: Applications for this course should be made at least one month before the desired starting date.


Maryse Ali , France
Maryse Ali, France

Spanish for the Legal Profession Course, 2 weeks, 28/02-15/03/2015

"The legal course of Cervantes International School exceeded my expectations. Although the course only lasted two weeks I can say I have a solid foundation on the Spanish legal system and that my Spanish improved. The classes are given by a lawyer and professional, friendly and very knowledgeable linguist. Besides practical activities were tailored to my interests."

Maria Emanuela Boccafoschi
Maria Emanuela Boccafoschi, Italy

Spanish for the Legal Profession Course, 2 weeks, 29/07-09/08/2013

"The Spanish for the Legal Profession Course is very interesting, well organized and gives a very good overview of Spanish law. It also serves as a very good exercise for improving the language.

The school is welcoming and the organization impeccable. They offer a variety of interesting courses and activities.
My experience with the family was better than I had expected before I came and I strongly recommend staying with a host Spanish family.

Malaga is a very welcoming city, public transport is very well organized and I have many good memories of my stay."