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Course selection

We only need a level estimation. The first day of the course begins with an oral and written test. If you are a A0 (beginner or absolute beginner) you will start directly in a A1 group.
General recomendations: Do you need the maximum free time for exploring? Choose Intensive 20. Do you want the 20 general spanish lessons + 5 extra lessons of conversation? Intensive 25. Or do you want learn as much as possible in a short amount of time? Super Intensive 30.
Please contact us if your desired duration is not listed.
* Courses start every Monday.
The summer camp is available during July (Residential option from any Sunday in July. Day camp from any Monday in July)


- Select "I don't need accommodation" if you will find the accommodation by yourself using for example our Airbnb selection of apartments near the school.
- Host Family. Live in a private spanish family home.
- Student Residence. Live as a student, allow you to choose from a variety of meal options and be located near the school.
- Shared apartment. Live in a more independence way. Cooking and cleaning are up to you.
Conditions: If you stay in any of our accommodations (Host family, residence or shared apartment) your accommodation will be available on the Sunday prior to the start of your course and must be vacated on the Saturday following the end of your course. An extra fee is charged for extra days (if you need extra days days, please let us know on the "special requests or comments" field on the following page of this booking form as we will have to add it manually later).
Double room = shared bedroom with another student | Single room = a bedroom just for you
Half-Board = breakfast and dinnner | Full-Board = breakfast, lunch and dinnner | B&B = breakfast

Airport Transfer

We provide an Airport Transfer service to meet you at the airport and assist you in getting to your accommodation.


Your course includes optional cultural activities every afternoon from Monday to Friday and full-day excursions on the weekend. Some activities are free and other have a little cost (5-15€) while the weekend excursions cost around 50€. You will able to join the activities directly in the school office.

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