Cervantes Spanish School in Salamanca

The Cervantes EI partner school in Salamanca is perfectly situated in the heart of the old city center, only 100 meters from the renowned University of Salamanca and a few minutes from the beautiful Plaza Mayor. The school is located in a charming restored 16th-century monastery. The modern materials used for its renovation balances naturally with the style, elegance and richness of the preceding centuries. The main building comprises of three floors, 17 classrooms, a recreation room with computers and free internet access, and a library. WIFI is available in both the school and the cafe.

School address

Historic Center of Salamanca: The neighborhood in which you find our school and the majority of our accommodation.

Our school in Salamanca, as well as most of our accommodation, can be found in the heart of the historic Center.

Salamanca is a very unique and monumental city. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the historic center is pedestrian only and inviting for a relaxing yet rewarding stroll.

Salamanca offers a fantastic variety of bar, terraces and cafes where you can breath and enjoy a unique student atmosphere.

To find the true heart of Salamanca, make your way to Plaza Mayor (2 minutes from our school in Salamanca). This arcaded and baroque urban area is the ideal starting point to reach the two cathedrals in the city. The old Cathedral, Romanesque style, and the new Cathedral, gothic style, which was built during the early 16th century when the old one became too small. On the way, crossing the Corrillo Plaza and la Rúa Mayor, you can visit places like the Romanesque church of St Martin and the emblematic "Casa de las Conchas".

Salamanca´s Plaza Mayor is one of the most beautiful and with the most personality in Europe. It´s construction began in 1729, following the baroque layout and designed by the renowned architect Alberto de Churriguera. The monumental site, which stands out for the harmony of its proportion, was constructed in its entirety with golden sandstone from Villamayor. In 1755, Andrés García de Quiñones closed the perimeter with the Town Hall.

The Cathedrals in Salamanca offer all their visitors a singular, unique and unrepeatable experience: to touch the sky from the heights of their medieval towers. A privilege reserved for a select few until recently, and one which is only possible to enjoy in a small number of European Cathedrals. This idea came from the exhibition dedicated to French Bishop Jerome of Périguenaux, the force behind the ultimate repopulation of the city and primarily responsible for the construction of the first Romanesque cathedral.

Another visit of great importance is no other than the University of Salamanca, which as well as marking the demographic, history and cultural changes of the city, contributed definitively to the design of its monumental heritage. The university buildings are concentrated in a small urban area, centered around the Patio de las Escuelas, which can flaunt the title of: "city of knowledge". The university tour through el paseo Anaya road, the Escuelas Mayores, the Hospital del Estudio, the Escuelas Menores and the Rectory with its museum of Unamuno, ends with an intense finish: the Salamanca museum, the Casa Lis, Salamanca Cave and the orchard of Calixto y Melibea.