We aim to help you improve your Spanish skills and learn as much as possible during your time with us.

With modern communicative teaching methods, we ensure that our students develop practical skills to communicate effectively in Spanish. Our focus is on assisting our students to speak, understand, read and write in Spanish. Content and the approach to teaching are designed around the needs of each student in their particular groups. In this way, we aim to cater for and meet the needs of every individual student within the group.

To ensure our teachers are able to give every student the personal attention they need to make rapid progress and improve their Spanish skills, each group as a maximum of 10 students (on average 6).


Our levels are adapted to The European General Intensive of the reference to languages elaborated by the Linguistics Politics Department of European Counsel, specifically on Curricular Plan of Cervantes Institute.

A1 (BEGINNER) You have little or no knowledge of Spanish.
A2 (ELEMENTARY) You can communicate in basic situations using the present, past and future tenses, but with some errors. You can understand Spanish when someone speaks slowly
B1 (INTERMEDIATE) You feel secure speaking and writing in Spanish. You know quite a lot of vocabulary, but you need to practise and expand your grammar knowledge.
B2 (UPPER) You can communicate fluently and with confidence in a wide range of situations but need a deeper study of grammar structures and learn more specific vocabulary.
C1 (ADVANCED) and C2 (SUPERIOR) You should have an excellent level of Spanish and be able to communicate effectively as a native. You need to perfect the language to ensure its adequate cultural use by means of extensive study into the subtleties of the Spanish language.

How much Spanish will I learn in an immersion Spanish course?

It varies from person to person, and with the intensity of the course you choose (Intensive 25 or Super Intensive 30), but you will see significant progress from a course as short as 2 weeks, even as a beginner. In general, students complete level A1 in 3 weeks of Intensive 25 classes, A2: 4 weeks, B1: 6 weeks, B2: 8 weeks, C1: 10 weeks and C2: 12 weeks or more.

Example: You need B1 level and right now you are totally beginner. You will need 13 weeks of Intensive 25 classes to complete the B1. But if you are able to start in A2 then you will need 10 weeks to complete B1 or just 6 weeks if you are able to start with B1 (The first day of the course begins with an oral and written test. If you are a A1 (beginner or absolute beginner) you will start directly in a beginners A1 group).