Cervantes Activities & Excursions Seville

Seville´s is in a privileged location, allowing our partner school to offer trips to both Portugal and Morocco, as well as trips within the city or to nearby beaches and small towns. The excursions outside of Seville are scheduled for weekends. During the week the most common activities are scheduled during the afternoon/evening and include: Sevillanas dance classes, Spanish movie nights, city tours and more....

Afternoon & Evening Activities

During the weekdays, from Monday through Friday during the afternoons and evenings after classes, a variety of cultural activities is offered. Activities may have a small out-of-pocket charge for transportation or museum tickets, but many activities are completely free!

Typical excusions include:

Weekend Excursions

Weekend excursions provide the opportunity to take advantage of Seville´s unbeatable location, with visits to the white-washed villages, major cities and sun-drenched beaches - all within the city´s surrounding area. Not to mention the possibility of visiting European and African destinations just beyond the Spanish border!

Typical excusions include: