SCHOOL OPEN: Our onsite classes are being carried out with the introduction of a set of measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  • Actions taken at this centre:
  • Spacing and capacity: We ensure the safe distancing of our students, and we recommend the use of a mask..
  • Disinfection and use: We clean and sanitize our classrooms every day, and we restrict the use of common areas and dining areas to avoid contact between persons.
  • Contingency plan: Our centre has limited seating, safety standards, and a contingency plan to minimize the chance of infection.

Să învăţăm limba spaniolă în Malaga – Spania

Vrei să înveţi limba spaniolă în Malaga, să-ţi faci noi prieteni, să explorezi noi culturi şi să trăieşti o experienţă unică în viaţă? La Cervantes Escuela Internacional vei găsi toate acestea şi mult mai mult. Localizată în oraşul turistic Malaga, în sudul Spaniei, şcoala Cervantes oferă cursuri de limbă spaniolă străinilor, ca limbă secundară.

About Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol

Malaga is a city of approximately 600,000 inhabitants located on Spain's Mediterranean Coast. The city's sunny weather, scenic country side and abundant beaches have made it a popular destination for tourists from around the world.

The city also enjoys a vibrant culture and academic atmosphere, attracting a significant population of international students who wish to learn Spanish. MALAGA'S history goes back nearly 3,000 years to its founding by the Phoenicians. The sun shines more than 320 days a year - the average annual temperature is about 19° Celsius.

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