General / Payment Conditions

Complete the enrolment on-line form on our web page
Once we have received this enrolment form we will send you an invoice and payment details by email. You will be able to pay by bank transfer or credit card.

To confirm your booking a deposit of 250 euros deductable from the total (NON REFUNDABLE) must be paid. This deposit is not an additional cost. The remaining fees must be paid 2 weeks before your arrival.

On receipt of your payment we will reserve your course (and accommodation if you had booked accommodation with us).
You will receive confirmation by e-mail of your course as well as detailed information for your journey and stay.

Approximately 2 weeks before the course starts, and once full payment has been received, the CERVANTES EI school in Alicante will send you the accommodation address and the map location.

Payment: Please note payments are only accepted in € (Euros). All bank charges will be your responsibility. In the case whereby the bank charges us a commision for receipt of your payment, we reserve the right to charge you this sum on your arrival.



Enrolment cancellations / Refunds

Number of students per class

Maximum 10; average 5-6



Classes may be scheduled during the morning or during the afternoon depending solely on academic reasons and type of course (Intensive, Super Intensive, Spanish Conversation, etc).
Cervantes EI reserves the right to change the class schedule and/or group composition in this regard, informing students a minimum of one hour prior to class.
Under no circumstance is a student able to choose their own schedule, including those taking private classes.

Starting Dates

The courses begin every week during the year, for all levels.


Reservation of accommodation is weekly. We will reserve your room in a family, or in a flat, from one day before the start of the course (Sunday), until the Saturday after the end of the course. The price of the accommodation is per person and includes all the running costs.

Delays and non-arrivals

If you are going to arrive late, we need to know this as soon as possible, you must let us know this in advance. If you arrive late, you will not be able to make up for the hours lost.

Exceptional circumstances

Holidays in Alicante

There are no lessons on bank or public holidays and classes lost on those dates cannot be made up at other times. If there are 2 bank holidays in the same week, the school will give classes on one of these days. Classes missed due to public holidays will not be recovered. You need to take into account that if there is a bank holiday on Sunday, the celebration of this holiday will move to Monday. However the lost hours of the private classes can always be made up.

Alicante – holidays 2021

January 1; January 6; March 19; April 2; April 5; April 15; May 1; June 23; June 24; August 15; October 9; October 12; November 1; December 6; December 8; December 25